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Artist Statement

Time is a continuous passage of existence in which events pass from potential beginnings through their present fruition and into a state of finality. Yet, we are all lost in the cracks between Potential and Finality, Knowing and not knowing, having and not having.


In my artwork, I often explore the “grey area” between the false dichotomy of past and present and the idea of passing from one state of existence to another. It is the journey in time, and the experience of transitioning from past to future, that is central to my artwork. My personal art is a symbolic compilation of my life experiences. I was born in Slovakia and lived there until I emigrated to the US in my twenties. These experiences and many others began fueling my art.


I am often questioning the spiritual and physical value of things, looking for cultural inconsistencies. I experiment with these ideas and search for disagreement and unconformity; it is in the middle of these conditions that I gather inspiration for my work. The process of searching for different meanings leads to the transformation of these materials and the creation of a new narrative.


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